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Welcome on my small web corner, where I share some articles I write, a bunch of miscellaneous news I consider interesting and some extras. information here is made to be readable well enough with pure text web browsers 1, easing screen-reader work and also printable if you like.

That information is also available in org-mode, easy to mirror and kept up to date locally, read org-mode web article for howto instructions and reasons behind this idea.

You can follow updates via RSS, full-articles in the feed and partitioned feeds to read full content only for a certain topic. I do not want ads, so I do not look for clicks here!

You can try with eww, links, w3m, lynx, ... It will work well at least for all the minimal browser feature set you have. Modern WebVMs will just display more fancy extras.

License:  CC-BY-SA-4.0   /   Copylefted by Kim ALLAMANDOLA.