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MG ZS EV 2022 long range V2L adapter

A small post to tell my journey since so far I see no post on that topic just ephemeral messages on some forums, I test the hereby described device on my MG ZS EV 2022 luxury long range France version, but I imaging it should work on all MG EVs at least of the same age, some might demand a little different pinout basing on what I found here and there.

What I'm talking about? Well, most Chinese EVs and some EVs from other OEMs offer a Vehicle 2 Load function, meaning they offer the possibility to power 230V_ac common devices like a drill or a grill or a light from the car T2 socket. A not so much comfy choice since there is no option to power 230V_ac devices while the car moving, like a fridge in the trunk or a passenger's laptop but still useful for some usages, from a picnic to small DIY works far from their own home.

This of course demand an adaptor since most home appliances do not have a T2 plug. This adaptor is sold at absurdly high price from MG, more than 200€ to near 500€ from a country to another for just a piece of plastic and few wires. So, well I bought a (not really) cheap (14€) adaptor from Aliexpress and tried it. It does not work because the "universal wiring" meaning a 1kΩ resistor between CP and PE pins and a direct wire from PP/CC to PE is not the one MG use. They choose a 440-470Ω resistor between PP/CC and PE and a direct wire between CP and PE. A slightly little resistor and inverted pin to switch from 15-20€ to 200-500€…

What I do was just opening the new not working adaptor swapping the control pins and the resistor and yes now it works. There is no overheating protection in my adaptor but wires are really thick I do not think it might be an issue anyway.

To find the pinout just look at