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Bad software sent 39 UK postal workers to jail, absolved after years
A bug in the Horizon monitoring software for around twenty years have flagged 39 employees as thief for thousands of British pounds. After more than a decade long trials finally the survivors (some have committed suicide in the meantime) are recognised as innocent in court. They will be indemnized by the State, but who can pay back jail time, disrupted family and all the rest? Also who pay for having chosen to trust a software instead of investigating properly, putting the humans UNDER the procedure/algorithm?
Cyberwar Polygon simulation - august 2021
A "big game" cyber-wargame not led by universities, the military BUT by top neoliberal institutions like the World Economic Forum that's should alarming enough to the neoliberistic level of present society.
How much we are spied by Android/iOS devices
A nice and up to date (2020) study, I also post on "my" Italian subreddit for discussion.
DRM reach dishwashers (!)
After printers, now chip-ed "soap-cartridge" start to live... see also post reddit post in Italian for discussion.

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