Kim's RANT and LART on Amazon

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Amazon customer since circa 2010, having bought goods for tens of thousands of euros normally issueless, rarely with quick resolved issues, a time few years ago with an unresolved but not serious one now I've encountered the brainlessness level of their automated procedure. With a failed return still to be reimbursed I've bough a coffee machine on (Italian, living in France, liking Italian style coffee) and things start to tear apart. claim to be unable to debit my checking account (my bank state they never tried, and if they do anything would works like it does for any other SDD). A small issue apparently, I've made a wire transfer of the due amount NOT with 3€ extras demanded as "a compensation for a failed payment" since they do not prove the issue is on my side. Than my main start to delete new orders debited to my account, "it was marked as not working by, try with their customer care, buy with a credit card". So I do, ad it does work, a debit card to the same account they claim it does not function. A debit card and an account used since spring for many orders issueless. After they delete both payments methods and do not accept the card either. Also I can't write to their customer service "for technical issues". Probably because they have suspended my account "for suspicious activities" claimed they have send a separate message with infos on how to restore, no SMS, email or paper mail on my side support this claim.

A simple reasoning

Let's try a dumb proof by contradiction, if my account was cracked and someone act behind my back, he/she act to buy stuff with my money, right? So he/she try to insert a new shipping address, maybe a locker, maybe some pickpoint to reduce the chance of being identified. He/she probably change my mail/phone etc to operate better. RIGHT?

Well... Actually NOTHING of these happen. Actually I've already got to my address (a single-family home in a sparsely populated area where anyone know anyone else, a hard place for a thief) some goods after such "suspicious activities" so if my account was cracked the rightful owner should have start shaking his head about why the hell I get stuff I've not order from Amazon... Since the phone number is not changed calling the customer, suspected victim OR ALLOW HIM TO CALL should be logic. RIGHT? Having got a wire transfer from the same account you state does not work, witch is used since spring by Amazon should ring a bell as well. RIGHT?

Well, surely for a human, but not for Amazon brainless business logic. Unfortunately humans on Amazon customer care can't do nothing apparently they are there just to state they are sorry and thankful but they are powerless.

I've put full details in the rant in Italian and in the french version as well. But the point seems simple. I've lost my account and the failed return is not worth much to took Amazon to court even for symbolic reasons. Amazon lost a circa 3000€/year customers. I hope Temu and others, who are even crappier but of different owner start to push DUMB managers to think about their dumbness and so start to take care about procedure's failures when, not if, they happen. Those who do not I hope they die the economic death of the market BEFORE their size became so big to fail entire States with them.

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