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Modern web do have important issues and flaws, we need something better.

Let's start with why the web was invented: at that time we have had various documentation systems, few digital, many paper-based. Digital systems have had to flaws:

Far before the so called Documentation Movement or to be more precise, Paul Otlet give birth to the idea of "web of documents" based on "electric telescopes" that would allow people anywhere in the world to search and browse through millions of books, newspapers, photographs, films and sound recordings, all linked together in what he termed a réseau mondial: a "worldwide web" 1 so someone CERN have thought that time is ready to make "the web" with modern "digital telescopes". The original aim was publish and connect information in an easy to browse way, NOT a substitute of full books, but a way to share small articles "atomic enough" to be composed in documents name "websites". It was a success and still is to a certain extent.

Quickly back to the present with the actual web we:

Some solutions was invented, like feeds, that let us see a personally selected web slice and store it locally for future operation but unfortunately while many still use RSS/Atom and a not marginal slice of websites offer feeds, most only put a title in the feed to force people visiting the linked websites to make revenues from ads. This was the classic mariner's that damage the harbor.

Can we go back to classic feeds like the ones this site offer? I doubt. We need something more easy to spread, more local, more personal. Org-mode shared as a repo (git if you like, but not necessarly like git) can be an option for small slice of the information space, with that model we can share information easy to be integrated in personal org-mode based PIMs/KMs and we can manage not only test but also any kind of attachments, code etc. It does not scale, it's not practical but is the poor man's solution to try something different and start to think at something more personal, broad and not easy to censor.

Practically speaking I'll publish a small repo, probably git but not necessarly git, with this website as a collection of org-mode docs, links in them with IDs prefixed by my site fqdn to avoid conflicts and structured to be accessed easily via org-roam or some other similar Emacs package, so anyone can clone that repo, keep them up to date with a pull, access and link that in org-mode. An external "slip-box" in a local ZettelKasten knowledge system/exobrain.

that last sentence is actually stolen from Alex Wright's Cataloging the World, published by Oxford University Press (OUP) in 2014, ISBN 978-0199931415
time to cite another book: The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You by Eli Pariser, ISBN 978-1594203008

License:  CC-BY-SA-4.0   /   Copylefted by Kim ALLAMANDOLA.